My birth story!!! The good, the bad and the ugly.

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Keep in mind

As my due date was approaching I was getting more anxious, scared, excited, terrified, all the emotions you could think of as being a first time mom. I had my monthly check ups at a clinic on the base my husband is stationed on, but I was delivering at a military hospital on a different base that was 45 minutes a way from us. So I had no idea who would be delivering my baby. The doctor that was on call when I was going into labor was the doctor that would be delivering Aspen. But anyways the doctor that was doing my monthly check ups would always tell me how most woman never go into labor on their own when it’s their first pregnancy. She said I would most likely have to get induced. Which I would be fine with but then she goes and tells me they won’t induce me till I’m 2 weeks past my due date!!!! Yes you heard me right I would have to be 42 weeks pregnant for them to induce my labor. It made things frustrating because all my family and friends live in Colorado, and I wanted family there when I gave birth or at least be there a couple days after. My mother and father in law already bought their airline tickets for my actual due date which was January 27th. So if we waited 2 weeks after my due date, they would miss meeting Aspen. And my mom wasn’t coming down till Aspen was about a month old because Jake was leaving for a whole month on his ship. So my mom was going to stay for a couple weeks and help with the baby.

My water broke!

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My last baby bump photo! 39 weeks pregnant!

At my 39 week check up appointment I was still 0 cm dilated. But Aspens head was so low that I could hardly walk with how painful it was. I was so discouraged because at that point me and Jake were doing everything to induce me naturally. The doctor said at 40 weeks she would strip my membranes and talk about a day to induce me. I was so ready to have this little girl. A couple days went past and it was January 22nd and I was 39 weeks and 2 days. I went to Facebook to ask my fellow friends and family what were things they did to try to jump start their labor naturally. We already did most the things people suggested, except this one thing, which was a shake you drank to help put you into labor with the main ingredient (castor oil). So Jake left to the store to go get castor oil as I stayed home to get some sleep because I was extremely tired! I never ended up drinking the shake lol what crazy timing. Jake got home which ended up waking me up. As I got up out of bed I got extremely dizzy and my eye sight went extremely fuzzy (I don’t know why, that’s just what happened) I sat on the side of the bed for a couple minutes till I felt better and then went to the restroom to go pee. I remember just sitting there thinking to myself, I will never go into labor. This little girl wants to stay inside forever. I got up and as I went to flush the toilet there was my mucus plug! I screamed for Jake to come here. And he looked in the toilet and said “what does that mean? does it mean it’s almost time?” I shook my head yes. And literally at that moment a huge GUSH of water came out of me. Me and him both looked down then looked back at each other. I knew I didn’t pee myself because I just got done going the bathroom and that’s when I realized It smelled like cleaning products almost. It’s hard to really explain it, but it had a distinctive smell that a lot of woman talk about when they explain their water breaking. They said it almost smelled like bleach. (this isn’t for every woman but thats how mine smelled) So we both knew It was my water that broke and I was going into labor!!! We looked at eachother and Jake started screaming with joy and ran and called both of our moms. I didn’t even have my pants up or nothing before he was already done calling and talking to them both! Lol I was literally shaking because of how scared I was. I wanted to do my make-up and look all dolled up when giving birth (eyerolling at myself) but it was all becoming so real that my hand literally would not stop shaking. I was terrified!!!!! So I through my foundation on got dressed as Jake packed up all of our stuff into the car. And we drove 45 min to the hospital. My contractions started to get more intense but were nothing compared to what I was about to endure.

Arriving at the hospital!

We got to the hospital and it was around 4:00pm and I was leaking everywhere. I even made sure to put a huge diaper like pad on because I was told when your water breaks it just keeps leaking, but the pad didnt help much. It was all over my joggers. I got wheeled up to the labor and delivery floor and I was greeted by the rudest nurse. She asked me “why do you think you’re in labor?” I told her because my water broke and she responded “you probably peed yourself, a lot of girls come in here thinking they’re in labor but really just peed.” I told her “no its definitely my water” and she rolled her eyes at me.  I want you guys to keep in mind I already didn’t want to deliver at a military hospital because of all the horror stories I have heard, a lot of times its new doctors learning to become doctors and they treat us like a bunch of lab rats. Anyways, they had me lay back so they could test my fluid to make sure it was amniotic fluid.  As I layed back, more of my water came out and the doctor said “yup! Your water definitely broke,  we’re admitting you!” (yayyyyy)

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Right away they went and put a I.V in me and connected me up which I hated because I wish I could have walked around and handled my contractions not laying in a bed. At this point my contractions were getting extremely intense and it was only going to get worse. Jacob was so overwhelmed because it was only the 2 of us. Family couldn’t come till 4 days later so he had no idea how to help me or comfort me as I layed there moaning and groaning. I thought I was in hell and all I really wanted was my mom to be there. I just feel like men can’t understand the pain your going through and don’t know what to do. Jake at one point asked me if I was faking it because of all the moaning and groaning I was doing and if  I’m just doing that because thats how all woman act when giving birth, LOL lets all just make fun of my husband for a minute for his stupidity lol. I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy I wanted a epidural. I wanted to enjoy my labor so I told the doctors I wanted a epidural but I wanted to try to at least make it to 4cm dilated before getting it. I did end up requesting laughing gas. The military lets you have laughing gas to help take the edge off (a lot of over sea countries do it and their have been a lot of studies on it and it’s not bad for you or the baby and a lot of woman say it really helps) So I requested for some. The anesthesiologist came in and said he was about to go in to a 4 hour surgery and wanted to give me the epidural now. And if I wait he basically said I’m S Out of luck. Lol And I really wanted it to be THAT guy that did my epidural, because with the rank he had it meant he was really good and dealt with the really high ups in the military so I knew he wouldn’t mess it up, which is what I was terrified of. My friend who gave birth there a couple months before me got someone that sucked and they had to do her epidural 3 times!!! I wanted it done once and it be done with.  So I bent over balling my eyes out as he put the needle in my back. (It didn’t hurt compared to the contractions) he taped it to my back and was done. I honestly don’t know how long it took before it started working and numbing me up but once it did, man I was in heaven lol. It literally makes you feel like your bottom half weighs a billion pounds and your made of stone lol. I talked with Jake for a little bit and then we both went to sleep and waited till it was time. I woke up around 3:00am because the epidural was wearing off so I was screaming in pain when the anesthesiologist came back in and gave me more because he told me I shouldn’t have to be in pain especially when the time gets closer to push! So I got some decent sleep in which really helped me.

Its time to push!!

I woke up around 6:40am on January 23rd and I felt a lot of pressure down below so I told the nurse I think it was time to push! And sure enough it was! The 2 doctors that were delievering my baby came in (one was learning, she was the one delievering Aspen, and the other was the actual doctor and he was just making sure she was doing it right) they started coaching me through the contractions and helping me push. I can honestly say it was such a lovely experience. We were literally talking about football (it was the year the broncos were going to the Super Bowl and won) and having different conversations with the doctors. Pushing through my contractions made it feel so much better. It was defenitely not like how I saw it in the movies. At least for me! But I couldn’t help but look around and see a empty room and it just being me and Jake. I felt like I could see the pity on the doctors faces but it was probably all in my head. I was getting so exhausted pushing, the doctors gave me a oxygen mask to help me wake up (I can proudly say I didn’t poop while pushing lol that was a fear of mine) The doctors kept asking if they can get a mirror to show me Aspens head and I continued to tell them NO that it would freak me out. and FINALLY at 7:29am my little girl was born! (Side note: I was pushing Aspen out to Justin Biebers song -love yourself. Lol)  Welcome to the world Aspen!!!!

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Aspen was screaming crying when coming out and they placed Aspen on my chest and let Jake cut the cord. I was just mesmerized. I was in love! She was so perfect. She was really swollen but still so perfect! Jake was in shock! You could tell he couldn’t believe he was a dad.  You think you would be ready for the moment your baby is born. But nothing can prepare you for all the emotions your about to feel when seeing your child for the first time. It’s truly breath taking. I was in such a fog that I don’t remember pushing out the placenta or getting stitched up. I had a first degree tear which wasn’t bad at all.


(About to complain for a sec)

I ended up getting very upset because a whole bunch of young men -corpsman (an enlisted member that works in the medical unit) came in, and was just standing there watching as my vag and boobs and everything was hanging out, exposed. They weren’t nurses nor did they ask me for my permission. Even my husband thought it was weird and inappropriate and they should have asked if they could enter the room and watch since they weren’t a nurse or had a medical degree. Anyways that’s besides the point lol. I got very upset and felt very uncomfortable!

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Lets go home!

At the time of going through labor I really wanted family around but when it was all said and done I’m kind of glad it was just me and Jake. I felt disgusting and was dealing with the after effects of giving birth. You know the whole wearing a diaper and granny panties, bleeding like crazy and getting your abdomen checked consistently which to me was extremely painful and I hated it. And the nurses helping you go the bathroom and helping you clean yourself up.(I was terrified to use the restroom, lol)  I also was getting to know my daughter and bond with her and learning how to be a mother. It was such a bonding experience for me and Jake. And I was extremely blessed with how smooth everything went. Me and Aspen were both extremely healthy, Aspen did have a little jaundice but it would go a way as I continued to breast feed her. Nothing that was to bad. So on the 24th, the day after giving birth they let us go home. Which I was thankful for because I was ready to be out of the hospital and be home with Aspen.

This was my birth story! It was nothing crazy, it went as good as it could have gone. And I honestly truly enjoyed my experience. You always hear people’s horror birth stories but mine was nothing like that (thankfully) even with all the complaining I did with the military hospital, I had a really good experience there and absolutely loved my nurses. They helped me so much and even played the mother roll that I needed. I couldn’t have been more blessed.

Did you guys have a good birth experience? Let me know in the comments below!!

-Lots of hearts


6 thoughts on “My birth story!!! The good, the bad and the ugly.

  1. I loved this topic! Delivering John was the most exciting/terrifying moments of my life. I’m so sorry you had to deal with a rude nurse. When we first got to the hospital the nurse told me I wasn’t actually in labor. I snapped on her and pulled out my Drs instructions. “Contractions that last 1 minute, and are 4 minutes apart”. She looked at me and literally said “that’s dumb I’ve never heard of that before.” I snapped again and asked why she would even be a labor and delivery nurse and said I want her nowhere near my room (laughing at myself now) I was so dramatic! But John was the same way, so overwhelmed but thought my pain was mediocre (eye rolling) haha! But my family was there and started to keep me company once the drugs started to kick in. (I was not friendly through the pain) LOL. I beinge watched Jane the Virgin, fell asleep, then the nurse woke me up because John was coming out and was surprised I couldn’t feel it! (Literally felt nothing the whole time) I loved loved loved the entire experience and I like to replay t in my head over and over again. Afterwards I decided to change my major from dental hygiene to nursing hoping I could get a job in postpartum or labor and delivery! I loved your story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The nurse said that to you?? I would have been the same way!!! And yes I swear our men just don’t understand lol. I looked at Jake like “did you really just ask me if I was making my pain up?” Lol but that’s so exciting girl!!! I think you would do so well working in labor and delievery!!! – Thank you for reading my blog!!!! I Love the support!


  2. !!! I’m so glad everything went well for you! I was so scared that my doctor was going to have me do a c-section. I was shaking and crying. I was up and walking around through my contractions until I was 6 centimeters! They told me I was the only pregnant one up and walking around which made me feel good lol. My water didn’t break naturally because Charlie’s head was so far down it was blocking the water. I got my epidural at 6 cm and regret it. I honestly wish I hadn’t gotten one so soon. I didn’t tear (which is what I was scared if and why I got the epidural in the first place). I finally got some sleep after the epidural though. While I was sleeping I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my chest and I saw a white light and when I woke up it was time to push! I totally think you should have seen her head while she was coming out! I touched Charlie’s head and I watched as I pushed. I cried after I touched her head because it was just such a sweet moment (for me at least)! My doctor kept telling me that I didn’t have any water when she broke it, but after Charlie’s head was out, a gush of water came out! I think labor and delivery is the sweetest thing I’ve ever gone through!


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