What they don’t tell you after giving birth!!!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So guys, I wanted to talk about things that I wish I knew after giving birth to Aspen. When your pregnant you think you know everything when it comes to your baby and what to do after you give birth. What about the things you need to know about YOU, the changes your body goes through and the things that most woman face after birth.

Dont forget your diaper too mama!

Some mommies already know this but their are other mommies that don’t! Yes, after birth you will have diaper like panties/pad on. Lol. Not very sexy but trust me they’re so comfy. I asked for a couple more pairs when going home lol. Don’t be ashamed to rock the heck out of those things, you just gave birth to another human being. No ones judging you.

Keep your maternity pants! You might still need them!

I for whatever reason thought I was going to be that mom that bounced back after birth and got to go home from the hospital with a flat tummy. (Eye rolling at myself) Most woman still have a pregnant like stomach for a couple weeks after birth. I wore my maternity pants for like a month after giving birth. They were so comfy to me and  I loved them!!!! Other mommies could just wear leggings or sweats. But I loved my maternity pants. So keep those handy! You might just want them!!

When did my hips get so big?

This might not have happened to other mamas but this happened to me. After giving birth it’s obvious your hips are going to get wider. I was worried they would never go back to how they were. I went home and couldn’t fit into anything (maternity pants saved the day) I called my mom crying, telling her how big my hips got and I couldn’t wear anything. She laughed at me and told me not to worry, its normal and my hips will go back. And of course she was right, my hips went back to normal after a couple months. Its crazy how much your body can transition itself to welcome a little human into the world, then to even be able to go back to how it was. It’s crazy to me.

Hair loss!!!!!!!

This one was the one I wish I knew about the most. I was not warned about what I was about to experience. Their are some woman that are lucky that didn’t really have to experience this as much, but I have talked to a lot of other moms and they went through the same thing as I did. First month after giving birth was just fine. At my 6 week check up I got the Mirena put in, a couple weeks later my hair was falling out in chunks and breaking non stop. I thought it was my birth control so I went and got it removed. (I had other side effects as well, but that’s a different story) After having the Mirena out, I was still having a lot of hair loss. So that’s when google came into play and it said “your estrogen levels take a tumble and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stage. Your hair will be back to its pre-pregnancy thickness about six to 12 months after you give birth.” I’m a year after giving birth and my baby hairs are crazy!!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I still have thick long hair but my baby hair near my hair line are insane!! I get embarrassed to just put my hair up because my baby hair is so crazy! A lot of other moms wrote me, and guess what???? They were going through the same thing!

The truth about BREASTFEEDING!

(added after some fellow mommies commented, such a good point!)

I struggled so hard with breastfeeding!! It was so painful and in the beginning I would cry when it was time to feed the baby. My milk didn’t come in for 2 days!! Thats right 2 days!! My husband and I thought we were starving the baby, so my husband ran to the store and picked up some formula so we could feed Aspen. Aspen wouldn’t take the bottle. I was so disappointed in myself and thought I was the worst mother ever.  When my husband and I went to our daughters Dr appointment 2 days after being discharged from the hospital. I talked to Aspens Pediatrician which she then called down the lactating consultants. (if you don’t know, my husband is in the military so a lot of doctors are grouped into one big building) My nipples were split and bleeding and I thought I had no milk. Those wonderful woman (the LC)  came in, showed me how to latch my daughter on properly and I heard the most beautiful sound, Aspen guzzling down milk. To top it off it didn’t hurt one bit. I was in tears and thanked those woman a million times. It took me a couple weeks to get the hang of it. After some time Aspen just knew what to do and it became cake. I never thought I would get to that place but I’m so thankful I didn’t give up and stuck with it.

Don’t compare your body to a famous IG mom or celebrity mom!

Don’t ever feel down if you don’t look like “other moms” after giving birth. Don’t think you didn’t bounce back like famous IG moms etc. I did this way to much after I gave birth and some moms ask me how I bounced back. What you don’t see behind the photos is some stretched skin, and stretch marks from giving birth. Other woman get surgery (nothing wrong with that) and other moms work out like crazy, and some were blessed with great genes. What I’m trying to say is don’t be hard on yourself. You just carried a baby and that alone is amazing and beautiful.

If any of my fellow moms have anything to add, write me in the comment section and tell me what you wish you would have known after giving birth? I’m curious to know!



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

9 thoughts on “What they don’t tell you after giving birth!!!

  1. That is so crazy. I have a ton of baby hairs on my hair line now that I never had before and I could not figure out why for the life of me. Good to know (:


  2. I have the mirena and have started losing chunks of my hair I want to cry every time I take a shower😩I’m starting a hair treatment but idk what else to do!?


  3. You are so right! Nobody ever really tells you about postpartum. I went through a lot of emotional breakdowns, I felt so tired all the time, and due to breastfeeding my body pretty much ate itself away.. I would continuously compare myself.. the biggo’ fluffy pads to the big clothes that hid every inch of my body, didn’t make me feel so sexy like I once did. I give props to all mom’s, we each fight a different battle after postpartum but we all can relate to some extent. Love your blogs!


  4. I wish I knew that being a stay at home mom was SO LONELY! I was so depressed & had nobody to talk to because baby’s dad worked 12 hour shifts. He would get home from work wanting to rest & I would talk his ear off. I wish I wasn’t so afraid to reach out to ppl to have adult conversation!


  5. One thing I didn’t realize was how crazy my hormones would be right after. I am not a super moody person. I don’t have PMS, but my hormones changed so much after my first and then changed again after my second.


  6. I had 4th degree lacerations with my son, and I didn’t stop bleeding after giving birth for 11 months straight. It was rough, I went through a ton of undergarments and ruined clothes and pads, tampons when I was finally able to use one. That is something I wish I knew could happen. That our bodies tare, and very often. But this is a great list. I wish I knew about the hair loss too. 14months later, my bald spots are finally filled back in.


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