Being a stay at home mom and my thoughts about it.

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Oh man, where do I start off with this question? Am I a stay at home mom? Yes! Yes I am! Its sad how society has made people judge stay at home moms.

People say we are lazy! we do nothing but spend our husbands money! We don’t want to work! These are the things that I have heard people say about other stay at home parents or have been said directly to me. All of these statements couldn’t be further from the truth.


Why I’m a stay at home mom! 

I never in a million years thought I would be a stay at home mom, life happened and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. As much of you guys know my husband is in the military, so we move a lot and unfortunately we don’t get to bring our other family with us. Which means it would only be me and Jake taking care of our daughter 100% of the time. So when I got pregnant Jake and I started looking at daycares to see how much it would be. Its at least $200 a week!!! We would be spending more on daycare then I would be making so it wasn’t worth it. I also thought about working night shifts but Jake is gone all the time sometimes days, sometimes weeks, or sometimes even a month or more. So that wouldn’t really work with us. So being a stay at home mom ended up being the best option for us.

We are lazy? 

Being a stay at home mom definitely does not make you lazy. No I don’t just sit on my butt with my daughter and watch cartoons all day. Aspen is into EVERYTHING!! I’m constantly chasing after her, picking up her messes and making sure she doesn’t hurt herself, Im always taking her to her Doctor appointments and letting her explore the outside world. While grocery shopping and running errands. I wish I could take a nap when she is napping but instead I do things like go to the bathroom, do the dishes, make me a quick lunch(if I’m lucky, she never lets me eat) or do a load of laundry. Jake will sometimes come home to a disaster house and it looks like I did nothing all day. Me and Aspen both know the truth, all I did all day is clean up messes that were being remade, and do all the errands.

I spend all my husbands money? 

Haha oh this is a big one lol. No I don’t spend all my husbands money!! Do I buy stuff? Of course I do! But trust me when I say Jake is the one that goes on the spending sprees. lol I’m also very good at finding deals and will get something cute for very cheap. (Maybe il write a blog post where I shop at)  I’m also not going to lie, we also get care packages from family with baby clothes and fun items and toys for the baby. Also their are amazing shops that send us free clothes and stuff for Aspen and I do make money on the side for my photography/ blog posts.  So no I don’t spend all my husbands money lol we shop very smart. Atleast I do 😉

I don’t want to work?

This is completely false! Atleast for me! I tell Jake all the time how envious I am of him, he gets to go and have adult conversations and get time to actually be an adult. The only person I get to communicate with is Aspen and their really isn’t a conversation going on (But I do love her little baby talk) lol. As a parent sometimes I just want to talk to another grown up about life, something crazy that happened, just about adult things especially when Aspen is in a bad mood or being a butt head. (; I put my career on hold so I could raise our daughter and Jake can pursue his career.


Be supportive of all mothers and their journey!

When I became a mother everyone started to judge me more then I have ever been judged before. From what I should and shouldn’t feed my daughter, which spot the car seat should be in or how I need to dress Aspen or Dress myself, because how dare a mother wear anything that shows some skin. As moms we should up lift one another and support if one mom works 40 hours or more a week or is a stay at home mom. Each one of us is just doing what we feel is best for our child. Im moving back to Colorado in less than 6 months which I will have to start going to school and working so right now I’m loving the moment of being a stay at home mom and I feel so blessed I even get the option to be at home with my daughter and help her develop to the best of her ability. In the beginning it bothered me when people would ask “are you a stay at home mom?” it made me feel insecure but now I tell them proudly “YES! YES I AM”

4 thoughts on “Being a stay at home mom and my thoughts about it.

  1. Love your posts Megan! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your life and your thoughts, it’s so interesting for me to read! I’m not a mommy but I love what you’re doing with the photography and blogging! Keep it up 😉


  2. I absolutely love this. I never thought I’d be a mom much less a stay at home mom and the way you explain it, just nails it. This is the first blog I read of yours and I am now super into your stuff. Keep posting!


  3. I feel for you! I am a stay at home mom too. It’s the best job in the world, but can also be the hardest, feeling alone and all. I feel like all mom’s should stay with their littles for as long as they can.. we won’t ever get to get these moments back. I love your blogs! This one reminds me a lot of myself.


  4. I couldn’t say it better myself. I was a stay at home mother for two years. I now work from home, but miss being able to give my all to my children. People that never experienced it will never understand stay at home parenting is a full time job. We are amazing individuals! Absolutely loved your post


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