How to give your baby a lavender bath!!

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When my daughter Aspen was a newborn, my wonderful mother in law gave me some dried lavender flowers to put in her bottles to help with colic. I was so fortunate enough that she never did end up having colic so I never ended up using the dried lavender. So what would I do with it? I didn’t want to just toss it out. So after researching I thought it would be perfect for giving her lavender baths.

So what I do is sprinkle in a handful of the dried lavender in the warm bath, and you can add a half cup/ a full cup of epsom salt. My mother in law got my dried lavender from Whole Foods but I’m sure any store like target, Walmart should carry it.

What is the point of giving your baby a lavender bath you might be asking? It helps relax the muscles and help soothes your baby/child and also detoxify the skin.


The one thing you need to watch out for is don’t let your baby/child drink the water it’s like a laxative and will give them the poops. Lol. My daughter absolutely loves her baths and I noticed when I add these ingredients in she sleeps like a little angel. Try it out and let me know how your experience goes in the comments. Happy bath time. Lots of hearts xoxo



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