Mommy insecurities

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So guys today we found out who the new president is going to be. . .Donald Trump. Aspens first election, politics always bring the worst out in people, I always try to be postive and be a good role model for my daughter and I refuse to let this election get the best of me. So with that being said I decided to go in Aspens room blast pandora and play with her toys. We danced, (yes Aspen dances) laughed and cuddled. I felt the need to write about this day because we just made history for the good or for the bad we made history.

So I’m going to get more personal now and talk about the main reason why I decided to write today. After becoming a mom I didn’t really feel sexy anymore and I hated wearing tight fitting clothes and I just feel more comfortable wearing loose clothes. Clothes that don’t really show off my body. My husband always has to remind me how good I look especially for having a baby and tells me just because I’m a mother doesn’t mean I can’t be sexy. Today I took these photos and it shows more then usual, more than what I’m comfortable with. I sent my hubby the photos and he told me I better post it and I tried talking myself out of it telling him how I didn’t feel comfortable with it, and why I shouldn’t post it. After going back and forth with him I finally just grew a pair and posted it. I got back so many positive responses from other woman and it made me feel good. It made me realize I should be proud of my body, yes I have stretch marks a little loose skin in my stomach area, but I’m still sexy, my husband still finds me perfect and with that I should be proud. I’m not going to lie and say I have completely changed with how I feel about myself but I can at least say I’m going to switch up my wardrobe a little bit more and wear things I have been afraid to wear since having my daughter.

Aspens romper

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